Day 299: Elephant.

Yes, i enjoy this page quite a lot.

Also, on a side note: I’M ALL CAUGHT UP! Today is October 30 2015. And this blog post is for the day of October 30 2015. So yay! That’s like totally exciting. It’ll probably never happen again, so lets enjoy it while it lasts, eh?

Also, on like a side side note: I HAVE EIGHT FOLLOWERS! AH! Thanks to all of you! XD ! You guys are the best!

Oh, and on a side side side note: i totally messed up on the numbers. Because as we all know, there are 365 days in a year. And tomorrow, the thirty first of october, will be the 300th day. So theres just november and december left. Which is 30 days and 31 days and that added together is 61… Not 65 like it should be.
Oh well, life goes on right?

And yes, the elephant’s head is upside down.

Medium: pen.